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C65 Trident Vintage

$890 - $985
To many, the word ‘vintage’ can evoke memories of the 1960s and ‘70s, when minimalism and earthy colours were all the rage. The C65 Trident Vintage incorporates those stylings, whilst fulfilling another definition of the word: this will be remembered as a classic.
1 Face Option
4 Strap Options

The C65 Trident Vintage range

    • Leather
    • Size
      • 38mm
    • Bracelet
    • Size
      • 38mm

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  • Review by Mikkel 2018-08-28
    My favourite watch

    The design is sharp and clean. From the leather strap, stainless steel case, domed sapphire glass, to the dial, everything compliments each other so well. The C65 Trident Vintage manage to feel like a vintage piece, yet new and refreshing. The logo compliments the watch so... Read More

  • Review by Pete 2018-05-09
    Amazing versatile watch

    Incredible quality watch that has an awesome weight and water resistance to it while still being fit to wear with my shirt and tie at work. I’m really happy I got this watch on the bracelet. The 38mm feels right at home on my 6.7 inch wrist. It honestly feels so tough and... Read More

  • Review by Bob 2018-05-01
    Great Watch and Service

    This is my first CW watch purchase. I've worn the C65 Trident Vintage for a couple of weeks and have found it to be great quality and value. The Sellita movement is smooth, extremely accurate (- 2 Sec./day) and the watch a very good size for general wear. I also like the fact... Read More

  • Review by Tyler 2018-04-27
    Perfect in every way

    The look, the feel, the quality, and the attention to detail all just blow me away.

  • Review by Jamie 2017-09-12
    Love it

    I love this watch. Amazing quality for the price and looks amazing. It sits very nicely around side my vintage Omega and Rolex but frankly this is getting most of my wrist time! Great service from Christopher Ward. This is a brand I am grow to love and can't wait to invest... Read More

  • Review by DavidK750 2017-07-27
    Something rather special

    I already had two CW watches - a matching pair of C3 Malverns in steel and gold - and was looking for something to go with more casual clothes and this is perfect. It looks like the watch your father left you in his will, and goes particularly well with the A2 leather jacket... Read More

  • Review by Galvin 2017-07-19

    A great versatile, every day watch. The 38mm size and reserved design of the dial helps the watch fly under the radar but on closer inspection you're rewarded with fantastic detailing.

  • Review by Jakub 2017-06-26
    Big value for fair price

    A friend of mine recommend me a brand Christopher Ward. Honestly I never heard of the brand in my life. Actualy I am very happy that I bought my C65 Vintage. I love this watch and I'm sure, I will not use your 60/60.

  • Review by Andrew 2017-05-09
    A timeless beauty

    I received this watch as an early wedding gift in December, and in the last five months it's left my wrist maybe three times. I LOVE THIS WATCH! The size is perfect for a smaller wrist like mine. The design is simple, classic, timeless. I love the nods to vintage watch... Read More

  • Review by unknown 2017-03-18
    Perfect Timepiece

    It looks good in the photos but should I buy a watch that I can only see online. Can I return it if I do not like it? Whats the customer service like? Well all this became a non issue. The watch is great and wears well. I have the smaller size with the metal bracelet. One... Read More

  • Review by @WatchesFromThe6ix 2016-08-18
    Simple, yet sophisticated.

    A truly simple, yet sophisticated timepiece. Quality is superb and it is very comfortable on the wrist - great for a daily. Mine is running at +-2 seconds per day which is excellent. Visually, the raised crystal and lume add a nice vintage touch while the dial and rebranded logo... Read More

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