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C5 Malvern Automatic MkIII

$740 - $865
When we first launched the C5 Malvern Mk I in June 2005, customers all over the world were astonished by the quality and value of the timepiece on offer. In the Mk III, we have built from that foundation, with our technical and design teams challenging themselves to create the highest quality watch available at this level.
2 Face Options
7 Strap Options

The C5 Malvern Automatic MkIII range

    • Leather
    • Size
      • 39mm
    • Bracelet
    • Size
      • 39mm

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  • Review by jbbanks 2018-08-31
    Fiery Sparkle in Direct Sunlight

    The C5 Malvern Automatic MkIII is a understated beauty to behold especially in the bright sun. As the Steel White dial attracts rays down upon its dial a magnificent fizzy fiery dazzle of explosion bursts out in magnificent specs of colors. Blues, greens, purples, yellows, the... Read More

  • Review by Derek 2018-04-15
    Excellent product and excellent service

    I first found this watch almost a year ago when I first started collecting, but wasn't ready to drop up to $650 on a watch just yet. But as I researched more about watches I kept coming back to this one. So I finally pulled the trigger and have zero regrets. Typically I get... Read More

  • Review by Dennis 2017-03-17
    Superb in quality and design, with elegance and subtlety in every detail.

    I had to write to say how delighted I am with my new C5 Malvern Auto, which arrived today. I love the fully polished case, rounded bezel and curved lugs. The dial is stunning with its gently sloping edges and the clever separation of the inner and outer segments, subtle and... Read More

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