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C60 Trident Chronograph 300

$745 - $840
Following in the footsteps of the C60 Trident 300, a watch whose quartz movement, good looks and excellent build quality have ensured its place as the perfect entry point into the Trident world, the C60 Trident Chronograph 300 builds upon those elegant foundations with the introduction of chronograph functionality.
1 Face Option
2 Strap Options

The C60 Trident Chronograph 300 range

    • Bracelet
    • Size
      • 43mm
    • Leather
    • Size
      • 43mm

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  • Review by Littlehaggis 2018-08-30
    Reminicent of a Bond watch

    When I was a wee lad of 8yrs, I dreamed of being a secret agent, but I didn't have a watch. All the secret agents on TV had watches and they would synchronise them before disappearing into the darkness to carry out important missions. Dad came to the rescue though and lent me... Read More

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