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High Density Webbing - 22mm


For those who want a strap that doesn't just partner a watch, but makes a statement on its own, our high density webbing is a powerful example of how exciting an addition a strap can be.
  • Standard
  • Dress Clasp
  • High Density Webbing
  • Rugged; eye-catching; different: our high density webbing straps are a bold inclusion to our range. Produced in a similar manner to our NATO models, yet twin-layered for durability, they offer spectacle to match the vibrant visuals of our motorsport watches.

    Although high density webbing is used across the majority of the construction of these straps, their retaining loops are made from a pliable and smooth Italian leather. A diamond-like carbon (DLC) dress clasp is attached, while quick-release pins allow for easy changing.
  • Width: 22mm
  • Length: 124mm + 82mm
  • Material: High Density Webbing
  • Buckle: 316L steel
  • High density webbed strap
  • Sandblasted diamond-like carbon (DLC) marine-grade stainless steel dress clasp
  • Quick release pins for easy changing